Tuesday, 17 June 2014


The gift of discernment. These days more essential than ever. In my own personal journey here, I've listened to many people preach the Gospel  (and some very loose variations of it) both on and off the stage and I've come to realise we feel more comfortable listening to what we want to hear, what fits in with our own existing beliefs, thoughts and feelings on how we want to be, how to live.

From 'feel good' new-age ministries like Joel Osteen all the way to this guy, John MacArthur who lays it down straight. Milk and meat.

Is there any point in trying to get God to bend His will to fit our lives or should we get our lives to conform to His will? If you can stomach it, watch or listen to a full length sermon from J. MacArthur in the link below and see how it may challenge you and your (if you have any) beliefs.

The true test of any spirit (or spirit in any man or woman) is to go and check it against the Word of God yourself rather than rely on listening to another persons world view or even, dare I say it, your own.

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