Sunday, 29 March 2015

Applicants Only.

The above sermon is for saved Christians and especially those who call themselves Christians...but aren't.

If you went to a church service today, that doesn't mean you are a Christian and are saved or that you are somehow accepted by God because you decided to 'turn up' at a building and sang a hymn. In fact, you most likely didn't even hear the gospel of Jesus Christ preached today in church.

If you are lost and choose to remain so, rejecting the gospel of Jesus Christ, then you're not a threat to Satan anyway (since your soul belongs to him and you're probably already on his team, fighting against the gospel of Christ).

This (the above video) is what being a true Christian is about. It is hard-core, radical, zealous and fanatical. If you disagree with that statement and you consider yourself to be a follower of Christ, ask yourselves what happens to the lukewarm? (Rev 3:16)

Jesus Christ is God in the flesh. He gave His life willingly as a full blood atonement for the sins of whomever comes to Him and calls on His name with a repentant and contrite heart. Jesus is alive! Risen and is wating for all those who are regenerated through His grace (born again). God cannot lie. He has promised to save and give eternal life to all those who repent and come to Him.

The more often you reject messages like this, the harder it will be to get saved. Choose life, choose Jesus Christ.


John Gray said...

I would prefer you didnt leave links to your blog chris

Chris said...

Not surprising John.

I'd rather you refrained from repeatedly blasphemeing the Lord's name...but there you go.

Love you John, but Please don't confuse truth with worldly political correctness.x

John Gray said...

If you dont like what i write chris
Dont read going gently