Thursday, 19 March 2015


When you (inevitably) die, where are you going?

  1. Nowhere, there is nothing after death, just blackness...
  2. Heaven, of course! I'm a good person!
  3. Hell. No I'm not bothered, it'll be a big party in a warm environment.
  4. Limbo (purgatory) because I'm a gullible Catholic and believe the Vatican lies.
  5. I'm coming back as a; slug, antelope, flea, unicorn etc, etc., (delete where appropriate)
  6. I go to church at Christmas, my wife is a church warden, deacon, I do good deeds so I suppose I'm a Christian?
  7. I'm a sinner. I don't deserve to go to heaven but believe that Jesus Christ has atoned for my sins on the cross. I repented, turned back to God through Jesus Christ (God in the flesh), so I'm going up. He's good, I'm not.

Know this: You're going somewhere when you die. It's either going to be heaven or hell. The work has already been done. It's now on you, your choice.

Call me crazy but to me, it's not a difficult decision to make.

Time is almost up. Make a decision for the free gift of Jesus Christ. There is no fence to sit on. If you choose not to accept Christ, you have rejected Him. You destination is assured.


Molly said...

Number 7, August 1973, no turning back

Chris said...


People still get saved, even now Molly, in this awful place.

Time for us to tell anyone and everyone :)