Saturday, 21 March 2015

Like a Barry on a string

Barry is really a muslim. He is also a politician. Say no more...

If you're wondering why the world tolerates such blatant lawlessness, lies and deceit (maybe you also tolerate it), it's because the world has been lulled into a deep sleep, comatose, spiritually dead. Interested in carnality, pathalogical self-fulfillment, universalism and political correctness at any price. No moral standards of any note that can't be bent or broken at the whim of the perpetrators of any moral crime, provided there is enough media / social backing to plough on through regardless. Nothing has any real meaning anymore in this place, nothing.

Look out of you window. Nice view? Barry and his puppeteers are pushing hard for this world view;

Jesus Christ is God. He loves all those who come to Him, if you are able to come with a humble and contrite heart. He is waiting to forgive all your sins if you will repent and ask Him into your life. You don't have to clean yourself up first, Christ died for sinners.

A FREE gift of eternal life somewhere better than this. Count me's about you?

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