Monday, 23 March 2015

The Lord is enroute

Jesus is coming.

If you are still present on this rock after the catching away of the body of Christ, things are going to be very grim for you, in a way that Hellywood could never be able to accurately reproduce on film with special effects. Global events will impact you and your loved ones directly, mercilessly and without discrimination.

You will be wondering how God could allow these horrific events to happen to you - after all, aren't you a good person? You may even call yourself spiritual or even a 'Christian'!

The answer is really simple; you chose to reject the free gift of forgiveness through Jesus Christ, because you loved your sin, chosen lifestyle, and self-righteousness instead.

If you can still draw breath today and Jesus has yet to return you still have an opportunity to repent, turn back to God and get saved through the blood atonement of Jesus Christ crucified.

If seeing is believing you'll get your wish - sadly too late to be of any help to you as an unbeliever.

Choose life, choose Jesus Christ.

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