Wednesday, 25 March 2015


The LHC (Large Hadron Collider) powered up, an Airbus A320 with 150 souls on board came down, SW of CERN.

They are now stating, that on it's most recent power-up the LHC suffered a short circuit which paralleled the crash, delaying the full-speed (near light-speed) experiments of the LHC (looking for exotic particles and dark matter) scheduled for the next few weeks!

Check for yourselves the effects on electronic aircraft instumentation as regards to strong electromagnetic pulses...

Nobody on board saw it coming.

Even the atheist Stephen Hawking has warned the scientists at CERN that the experiments taking place are inherently dangerous and potentially disasterous on a scarcely imaginable scale.

YOU: 'So you're sayin' that cranking this thing up might create a black-hole (swallowing the earth into oblivion etc. etc.), remove the magnetic shield around the earth (leaving us at the mercy of the suns flares, burning the earth to a crisp etc., etc.,), literally open the gates of hell and let all that out to run rampant (see the statue of Shiva-the destroyer - aka demon - outside the CERN HQ etc., etc., )...'

MAD SCIENTIST: 'Maybe, but it's like, very unlikely - like, a very small chance, hardly worth worrying about. Anyway, we've built it now, think of the money that we'd have wasted if we don't use it!'

  1. Get saved, like, now.
  2. In the meantime, maybe avoid flying on an aircraft whose flight path goes anywhere near the alps.

An event is coming. It will blow you're mind when it arrives and if you miss the escape that'll be down to you.

Jesus Christ is coming.

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Chris said...

Report now coming out that the black box, recovered from the mountain crash-site, is unuseable!

Another mystery plane crash, hundreds dead, no answers.

If you are about to board an aircraft anytime soon (or even if you're not), whatever the flight's destination, please, please, please consider turning back to Jesus Christ first before you leave the ground for good.