Sunday, 1 March 2015

Be intellectually honest...

...with yourself at least. Watch all of the film above, consider the information in it, look into it for yourselves (you owe yourself that), and then make an informed decision. Don't just listen to the likes of Stephen Fry, Ricky Jervais or Stephen Hawking. They are all going to perish! Why then would you follow them off a cliff blindly because everyone else is?

Consider the actual evidence, the common sense of it all, the increasing disclosure from the science community and governments alike, and the ground work being layed to the unbelieving masses for a revelation of a much darker sort.

Are you getting ready for what is coming soon or do you still have your head firmly stuck in the sand?

Repent, turn back to God through Jesus Christ. No one is promised tomorrow except those who are in Christ Jesus, the only way.

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